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So, once again, you feel encouraged and for the umpteenth time will try the new approach. You may even research it and see the wonderful remarks people make about the product or treatment and now of course you must try it. After all, look what it has done for others.

So often someone will come along with good intentions informing us about a new product or treatment that you just have to try. So and so not only got better but got cured and is working again. That may be very true but so and so is not you. You don’t know the individual’s medical history and that person may have gotten better regardless of what they are taking or doing. Just as we are unique in our looks, so are we in our bodily systems. What works for one may not necessarily work for another.

The belief that for every illness, there is a treatment is not true. Some treatments or products may mask some symptoms and amplify some others. It becomes a case of what symptom can you live with better. Resist the urge to try every new product or treatment. Do your homework. Verify that proper research was done before it became available. There are products that come to the marketplace that do not qualify for even the least bit of research and their claims are unverifiable.

It is hard to resist the temptation of not trying anything new as otherwise we feel we are not helping ourselves get better. That is the same thing as saying it’s your fault you’re ill. It’s difficult to reply to someone who is letting you know about anything new that because you feel if you don’t try it you’re letting the other person down and giving the impression you don’t want to get well. The best answer to give to someone who makes a suggestion to you is to say you will discuss it with your doctor. Whether you do or not is something only you can decide but it takes away the awkwardness in the conversation.

When you try a new product without the knowledge of your doctor, talk with your pharmacist who has a history of your medications. Some products may lessen the value of your drugs while others can even be a dangerous combination. Just because it is ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it can’t cause you harm.

Warnings on products and medicine are put there for a reason and also inform you that the product does not come without its risks.


Lydia E. Neilson, MSM

Founder & CEO





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