December 1996/January 1997 – No. 21

• Petition to the House of Commons followed up by formal announcement by MP the recognition of ME/CFS and FM again requesting setting up a sub-committee under the Standing Committee of Health.

• Standing Committee informs MP that ME/CFS and FM may be added to the list of items to be studied by the Standing Committee of Health

• National ME/FM Action Network requests members' participation in enlisting the help of the medical community

• Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons taking doctor to court for practicing alternative medicine

• National ME/FM Action Network takes action to express freedom of choice on health products from Health Protection Branch

• Inter-group communications

• Naturopathic doctor suggests ME/CFS contagious

• Federal Tax Force on Disability Issues report completed

• National Doctors and Lawyers Roster Additions

• Vitamins and Nutrients denied as medical expense by Revenue Canada

• Addition to board of directors to the National ME/FM Action Network

• Why taking Evening Primrose Oil may be helpful for ME/CFS people

• Newsletters, books, videos etc.

February/ March 1997 – No. 22

• Medical professionals confirm standard criteria needed for ME/CFS and FMS

• Inter-group communications

• Health Section reporter retracts contagious stand

• Calgary clinic claims to conquer the agony of Fibromyalgia

• Women' College Environmental Health Clinic advises its assessment and consultations for ME/CFS and FM people

• National Doctors and Lawyers Roster additions

• National ME/FM Action Network receives grant to bring Board of Directors to Ottawa for planning and organization

• Genetically Engineered Food may threaten health

• Books, reports, videos etc.

• Inter-group communications

• Results from University of Otago on Ottawa blood samples

April/May 1997 – No. 23

• Medical Professionals Participation Update

• New Questionnaire Appears on Disabity Tax Credit

• National Lawyers Roster addition

• Newsletters, books, videos etc.

• Inter-group communications

• National ME/FM Action Network requests support group complete numbers survey

• Government appoints first insurance ombudsman for Ontario

• Ombudsman to help consumers with complaints

• Manitoba Superintendent of Insurance offers assistance with claims

• Harborview Medical Center studies twins with chronic fatigue syndrome

June/July 1997 – No. 24

• National ME/FM Action Network launches website

• National ME/FM Action Ntwork receives grant from Health Canada to hire assistant

• Financial Statements for 1996

• National ME/FM Action Network introduces Board of Directors

• National Doctors and Lawyers Roster additions

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• Clinical Director of University of Alberta engaged in research on brain mapping of ME/CFS patients

• Nutritional Basis of ME/CFS and FM

August/September 1997 – No. 25

• Website of the National ME/FM Action Network gaining momentum

• Report on communication with the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control

• TIP on disability support services with March of Dimes

• W.H.O. defines disablement terms

• The Institute for Molecular Medine announces new testing program for mycoplasmal infections

• Nutritional Basis for ME/CFS and FM – Part II

• Gulf War Vet and Advocate reports on lack of medical help for Gulf War veterans

• Report on Dr. Leonard Horowitz conference on The Emerging Viruses

• Inter-group communications

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• The National ME/FM Action Network appoints Advocacy Director

October/November 1997 – No. 26

• Nutritional Basis for ME/CFS and FM

• Update on the National ME/FM Action Network website popularity

• University of Washington School of Medicine developing registry of physicians ill with ME/CFS and FM.

• Professor reports on extensive literature research on the Hepatitis B vaccine

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• Inter-group communications

• Personals

• Report on the National ME/FM Action Network's continuing negotiations with Revenue Canada on the Disability Tax Credit

• Chief Scientific Officer and Research Professor develops protocol for stealth viruses

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