December 1997/January 1998 – No. 27

• National ME/FM Action Network address newsletter archive to website

• Ontario Human Rights Commission takes stand on ME/CFS and FM

• Disability Tax Credit reminder on filing

• Results of Health Status and Disease Severity in Fibromyalgia by Arthritis Research Center and University of Kansas School of Medicine

• The Neurological Basis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia

• Nutritional Basis for ME and FM – Part IV

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• Inter-group communications

February/March 1998 – No. 28

• Research Breakthrough: ME/CFS An Infectious Cardiomyopathy?

• Nutritional Basis for ME and FM – Part V

• Court's interpretation of "Total Disability"

• Fibromyalgia Association of Ontario Presents Brief to the Standing Committee on Health

• Request for Repeal of Notice of Compliance on Generic Drugs

• Addition to National Doctors' Roster

• Updates on website

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

April/May 1998 – No. 29

• Teen wins national science award for identifying a relationship between low levels of a blood enzyme

• Circulation Disturbances Discovered in ME/CFS

• Alberta Court Accepts CFS as an Organic Disease

• Court Decides CPP Benefits are not deductible in Ontario Motor Vehicle Damage Case

• National ME/FM Action Network to Challenge Disability Tax Credit in Court

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers Roster

• Computer Comments

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

June/June 1998 – No. 30

• Precedent-setting decision that court find CFS organic

• Insurance Company Appeals ruling

• Quebec College of Physicians & Surgeons issues CFS Guidelines for Physicians

• Nutritional Basis for ME and FM – PART V – Final

• Inter-group communication

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

August/September 1998 – No. 31

• ME/CFS and FM People to hold Rest-A-Thon

• Disability Tax Credit – More Humane Consideration?

• Choosing Competent Professionals in Complementary Medicine

• Court Ponders the Question what evidence must a claimant provide to insurer that their disability resulted from an identifiable illness or sickness

• National ME/FM Action Network develops an Independent Medical Examination Registry

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Books, newsletters, videos

• Inter-group communications

October/November 1998 – No. 32

• Women's College Environmental Clinic hosts conference for doctors on CFS, FM and Environmental Illness

• Reconciling trial judges' different approaches to "total disability" question

• Independent Medical Examination survey update

• Making "Independent Medical Exams" Independent

• Thoughts on the AACFS Research Conference

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Inter-group communications

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

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