December/January 1999 – No. 33

• Research continuing on teen's enzyme discovery

• Brampton West MP does survey with General Practitioners on knowledge of ME/CFS and FM

• What you need to know about Canada Pension Plan Disability and Fibromyalgia

• How to prepare for an Independent Medical Examination

• Independent Medical Examination Survey Update

• Review of "Breakthrough in Cell-Defense" Book

• The beginning of the TEACH-ME Task Force

• Inter-group communications

• Website Update

• Addition to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

February/March 1999 – No. 34

• National ME/FM Action Network approved for operational costs grant from Health Canada

• The Ethical Issues of Independent Medical Examinations and CFS

• Sick-Air Law suit gets Okay from Court

• National ME/FM Action Network requests participation in establishing peer-reviewed clinical definitions for ME/CFS and FMS

• Overcoming the Barriers to obraining benefit entitlements under Long-Term Disability Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan

• U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention CFS booklet becomes available

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Books, newsletters, videos etc

April/May 1999 – No. 35

• Teen identifies potential marker for CFS

• Motion by Environmenal Illness Society sends ME/CFS, FM and MCS to the Standing Committee on Health for an in-depth study

• Insurance Companies May use research on exercise for own advantage

• Medical questions

• Registered facility specializing in IMEs etc. suis CBC

• Occupational Therapists authorized to complete Disability Tax Credit Certificates

• College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia replies on Independent Medical Examinations

• Selecting and instructing a legal advisor – Part I

• Inter-group communications

• New Brunswick Support Group initiates Walk to raise funds

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

June/July 1999 – No. 36

• National ME/FM Action Network presents draft of the Canadian Definitions and Treatment Protocols for ME/CFS and FMS to Laboratory for Disease Control and Minister of Health

• National ME/FM Action Network responds to Chatelaine article on Fibromyalgia

• "Reversing" Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

• Researchers and Clinicians publish a consensus definition for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

• Selecting and Instructing a Legal Advisor – Part II

• National ME/FM Action Network gains support of IME Survey from Calgary newspaper

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Nurse reviews book on Overcoming Chronic Back Pain, Fibromyalgia & Environmental Illness

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• Inter-group communications

August/September 1999 – No. 37

• National ME/FM Action Network follows up with government on status of clinical definitions

• Doctors reports on Results of treatment with Gancyclovir

• Stressors in the life of a Fibromyalgia patient

• Medical questions

• Doctor reports on the role of a Fibromyalgia Patient

• Doctor at Harborview Medical Center starts research on ME/CFS and FMS in twins

• The Validity an MMPI in assessing people with ME/CFS

• National ME/FM Action Network follows up on IME survey

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• National ME/FM Action Network publishes first collection of 5 years of Quest articles

October/November 1999 – No. 38

• National ME/FM Action Network to meet with Minister of Health on funding for clinical definitions

• Dr. David Bell reports on ME/CFS and FMS illnesses

• Review of Glutathione Deficiency in ME/CFS/CFIDS book

• Pain Management and Treatment

• Winning the Fibromyalgia Case

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• Ask a lawyer

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