January/February 2003 – No. 57

• National ME/FM Action Network proudly announces the publishing of the ME/CFS Definition in medical journal

• Request with help of dissemination of clinical definition

• Accolades and support received on Canadian Definitions

• Impact of Canadian Clinical Definition on assessing Occupational Disability

• Information for ME/CFS Physicians on Cognitive Function in ME/CFS

• Disability Benefits and You

• Inherent Bias Against Insurance Claimants

• Additions to National Doctors and Lawyers' Roster

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

March/April 2003 – No. 58

• Fibromyalgia Consensus Document submitted to medical journal

• Cognitive problems now being tested in ME/CFS

• Investigations and Surveillance in Long Term Disability Claims

• Insurance Company Stalling Backfires

• Addition to National Lawyers' Roster

• School Issues in ME/CFS and FM in Young People

• What does it really mean that a doctor is in 'good standing'

• Books, reports, videos etc.

• Inter-group communications

May/June 2003 – No. 59

• National ME/FM Action Network celebrates 10th anniversary

• Chronic Fatigue: looking beyond functional somatic syndrome

• Additions to doctors and lawyers' roster

July/August 2003 – No. 60

• ME/CFS Post-exertional mailaise/ Fatigue and Exercise

• What is disability insurance

• NBC dramatizes polio survivors' nightmare

• Medically retired registered nurse misdiagnosed fears she is victim of medical malpractice

• Parliamentary sub-committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities reviews disability component of the Canada Pension Plan

• National ME/FM Action Network announces addition of Pension Plan Advocate

September/October 2003 – No. 61

• National ME/FM Action Network announces resource guide for the Canada Pension Plan Disability Pension

• Pharmacological Stress Test

• Improving sleep quality despite Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue syndrome

• BC Court of Appeal confirms right of disabled woman to continue her lawsuit for disability claim

• Supreme Court of Canada Rules on Chronic Pain Syndrome

November/December 2003 – No. 62

• Ontario Guidelines Advisory Committee, Ontario Medical Association and Ministry of Health & Long-term care review ME/CFS Consensus Document

• Praises for the ME/CFS Definition from the U.K.

• Females more prone to Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS than males

• Making Independent Medical Examinations "Independent" – Repeat

• Troublesome new legislation for car accident victims

• National ME/FM Action Network's Advocate writes letter to editor of Edmonton newspaper on insurance reform

• Additions to National doctors and lawyers' Roster

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