Spring/Summer 2005 – No. 68

• President CEO awarded Meritorious Service Medal by Governor General of Canada

• National ME/FM Action Network honours Gulf War Veteran Advocate and second website designer

• The importance of the Canadian Clinical Definitions

• The symptoms of Orthostatic Intolerance in ME/CFS

• Physiotherapy for Fibromyalgia Syndrome

• National ME/FM Action Network produces second edition of TEACH-ME sourcebook

• Update on Intervenor Status

• Litigating your Long Term Disability Action in Ontario

Fall 2005 – No. 69

• National ME/FM Action Network and FM-CFS Canada form coalition

• Groundbreaking genetic research studies

• Diagnosing Lyme Disease in People with ME/CFS and FMS

• Intervenor Status Update

• St. John's Supreme Court Judge Allows Malpractice Suit

• A Criminal Record for taking vitamins?

• Insurance Bad Faith

Winter 2005 – No. 70

• Intervenor Status Update on Trial

• Importance of mobilizing the Lymphatic System

• Fibromyalgia – The Orphan Syndrome

• What's up at FM-CFS Canada

• Calgary to to host ME/CFS Conference

• Ten Rules to winning a ME/CFS or FM Case

• Additions to Lawyers' Roster

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