Spring-Summer 2009 – Special Edition – No. 80

• Profile & Impact of ME/CFS & FMS according to CCH 2005 Survey

Fall 2009 – No. 81

• Significant link discovered between Enterovirus and ME/CFS

• Study indicates unique fatigue in ME/CFS individuals

• Experts Launch Think Tank for ME/CFS

• Flu vaccination and ME/CFS

• Soy Kefit – Effects on Pain – Part II

• FDA approves Fibromyalgia drug

• Announcement on new chat/video site

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

Winter 2009 – No. 82

• National ME/FM Action Network to host International IACFS/ME Research & Clinical Conference

• Leadership transition at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

• Addition to Network's medical advisors

• XMRV and the Canadian blood supply

• CIHR Identifies ME/CFS and FMS research projects

• CIHR underfunds ME/CFS and FMS research

• National CFIDS Foundation adds innovative Research Grant Funding

• National ME/FM Action Network requests assistance from Public Health Agency of Canada

• Books, newsletters, videos etc.

• Useful links

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