Spring 2008 – No. 77

• Supreme Court Hears Appeal in Keays v Honda

• The Supreme Court Hearing

• Lyme Disease Update

• The Science of CFS: Mythbusting quiz

• DePaul University ask for help for Pediatric ME/CFS

• Inter-group communications

• Assistance for Canadians in need of legal information

• Addition to National Doctors' Roster

• Network Notes

Summer 2008 – No. 78

• Husband of President CEO dies

• Dr. Carruthers bestowed another award from the National ME/FM Action Network

• How the Clinical Definition works

• Ottawa moves on Allergy labeling

• CFS Myth-Busting Quiz - Part 2

• Additions to National Lawyers' Roster

Fall/Winter 2008 – No. 79

• President CEO Thank You and announcement

• CFIDS Association of America announces unprecedented research program

• Vision Problems in CFS and Fibromyalgia

• Soy Kefir – Implications for CFS and FMS

• Book Review

• Symposium on Disabling Fatigue in chronic Illness

• University Education from Home

• Additional to National Lawyers' Roster

• New Quest Collection out

• Network Notes

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