Special Issue 2020 – No. 124 

Quest 124 - COVID Disability Payment

The Parliament of Canada announced a one-time payment to persons with disabilities. In this special edition of our Quest newsletter, we provide details of the program and how to apply.

In this issue:

  • COVID - Disability Payment

  • Email From Carla Qualtrough

  • Disability Tax Credit Basics

  • Applying for the DTC with ME/FM

  • Additional Announcements

  • Government Acknowledges Problems

  • Your Opportunity to Provide Feedback

  • How to Apply for the DTC


Summer 2020 – No. 123 

  • ME/FM and Covid-19

  • Letter to the Prime Minister

  • Feedback from the Community

  • What Next?

  • PME/FM-Covid Infosheets from the Bateman Horne Center

  • Update from ICanCME Research Network

  • Working for you 

  • Other news in brief

Spring 2020 - No. 122

• Raising Awareness From Home

• Federal Government Priorities

• ME in the Education System

• CPP-D Guide 2020 Edition

• Closing the Health Care Gender Gap – ME and FM

• Doctor to Doctor

• Consultation on Chronic Pain

• Consultation sur la douleur

• Update from ICanCME Research Network: Let’s stop ME together

• Mise à jour de la part du Réseau canadien de recherche concertée interdisciplinaire sur l’EM : « Arrête-MOI si tu peux »

FM - A Multi-System Illness