What's In It for Them?

Support - Advocacy



Before you build a house, you must lay a foundation.  No one would think of building a house without one as without a proper base, the house would collapse.  So it is with advocacy and activism.

Support groups and associations all have their own goals but streamlining those goals before you start requesting assistance is a must to make sure you are not going in different directions. Mixed messages are confusing to the one you are approaching and too many requests at one time usually results in disappointment. Your plans need to be discussed and documented and  streamlined into smaller and reachable objectives before you approach anybody.

Sometimes to reach your final objective, you have go back a few steps which should not be considered a setback.  In order to accomplish anything, you must have a solid concept to start from i.e. the foundation.


If your goal for instance for the illness you’re representing is to get better treatment, then you must first look at what do the doctors have to work with?  Is there a proper way to diagnose the illness?  If that is not in place, starting with a request for treatment is not the first step you should  take as there are no tools In place to work with.

The basic fundamentals to remember to achieve the goals you have set is to do it with Passion, Patience and Perseverance.  Sometimes you have to take small baby steps to start laying a frame work for what later on will lead to your final goal.  Always keep that in mind when requesting help.  Know what your goal is then lay out the steps to reach that goal.  By the time the whole concept starts to take shape, the basics are so much in place that those who wish to oppose you are at a disadvantage because they have to start from scratch and you are way ahead.


The final and most important element is that before you approach anyone for help, ask yourself What’s In It For Them?  The best way to get help is to put yourself in that person’s shoes and find out why that person may want to help you.  Everyone has a reason and your plan to ask for help should keep that in mind.  For instance, a business may want its logo advertised or get recognition, an individual may want to help because of someone close to them being ill, a government is trying to mend their image with the public etc.  So do your homework and research that kind of information which will give will give you an advantage when you finally make that contact.

Don’t React To Unfairness But ACT For Change!